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[Aug 6, 2014]
YESeLITe Open for Registration
For a limited time, YESeLITe is open for registration for year 2014-2015. Check it out!
[Apr 26, 2014]
YES Hour Submission Deadline 

YES deadline is Friday May 9th. However, please do not wait until that day to submit your YES form as the line can be extremely long!
Seniors: YES medal candidate list is published online. Please contact Ms. Lam or Ms. Scott ASAP to resolve any discrepancy.

[Mar 27, 2014]

YES Hour Submission Deadlines
Seniors: Last day to submit your YES forms is Friday April 11. This will allow the YES office and the counselors office to prepare the YES medals for your graduation. Please get organized now to ensure your volunteer hours are submitted and recorded properly (via the YES Hour Query system).
YES deadline for all other grades is Friday May 9th.

[Mar 7, 2014]
Earned Donation from Houston Marathon
Thank you for volunteering for Houston Marathon 2014! With you and your families and friends signing up under the "ClementsYES2014" group code, Clements received a donation of $300 from the Houston Marathon committee.

[Feb 6, 2014]
Notice Sent via Your 3rd Period Teacher
Seniors: are you just a bit short from earning an YES medal for your graduation? A notification from the YES office was sent to your 3rd period teacher if you have over 75 hours. Check your hours online, and find time from your busy schedule to volunteer.
Reminders were also sent out for all the students who have over 25 volunteering hours recorded in the YES system but are missing their contracts.

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